Lithuanian professor is delighted with Azerbaijan

Vidas Kavaliauskas, professor of the Lithuanian University of Educology, who is on a working visit to our country, held a number of meetings with the organizational support of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

On the first day of the visit, the Lithuanian professor met with students with the assistance of the Scientific and Training Center “Azerbaijan Multiculturalism” of the Baku Engineering University. At the meeting V.Kavaliauskas, speaking about the ethnic picture of the country represented by him, draw parallels between multiculturalism in Lithuania and multiculturalism in Azerbaijan. The professor noted that the admiration he got on his first visit to Azerbaijan prompted him to come to our country more than once.

Professor noted that the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism has become a model for the whole world and he constantly informs his students about it at the universities of Lithuania and Georgia. The Lithuanian scientist was presented with gifts from the Scientific and Educational Center and the Knowledge Foundation.

V.Kavaliauskas also got acquainted with the Technopark of the Baku Engineering University and noted that there are good conditions for students to receive higher education.

On the same day, a meeting of the Lithuanian professor with the students who are practicing here and the volunteers of the Knowledge Foundation was held at the Knowledge Foundation. The guest, noting that every time he visits Azerbaijan, he witnesses Baku’s well-being, said that he feels calm in his country and enjoys great communication with people in Azerbaijan.

V. Kavaliauskas, who visited many countries of the world, stressed that he was in Armenia only once and after all he saw does not want to visit this country at all. According to him, the mono-ethnic picture in Armenia, the absence of speakers of another language and a different religion on this territory, the aggressive attitude of Armenians to representatives of other nations creates an unpleasant mood for him. For this reason, professor refuses to travel to this country. Employees of the Knowledge Foundation acquainted him with the Alley of Honor at the request of the Lithuanian scientist. After laying flowers at the tomb of the National Leader Haydar Aliyev, the guest was given extensive information about the historical figures of Azerbaijan.

The next day V. Kavaliauskas took part in the Easter celebration, organized in the Catholic Church of the Holy Mary, got acquainted with visual aids reflecting the traditions of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.

The information support sector of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Tarix: 17.04.2017

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