“An ideological connection between the Armenian nationalism and the German Nazi”

On October 13-15, Oleg Kuznetsov, a member of the Knowledge Foundation’s Lecturers’ group, well-known researcher, historian and political analyst, held a series of meetings with local residents in the regions organized by the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Russian scientist delivered lectures on “Ideological link between Armenian nationalism and German Nazi” during the meetings.

The first meeting was held at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Mingachevir. Sahib Aliyev, Deputy Head of the Department of Social, Political and Humanitarian Affairs of the City Executive Power, informed the young people participating in the meeting, representatives of official bodies, local intellectuals about the essence of the issue and said that O.Kuznetsov’s world for Azerbaijan was praiseworthy.

Speaking about the Azerbaijani-Russian relations, Almaz Akhundova, senior consultant of the International project sector of the Knowledge Foundation, said that our countries have been living in a friendly and neighborly environment throughout history. He said that the Russian scientists’ support in Azerbaijanis justice struggle is an indication of the friendship between nations and an objective approach to the realities of Azerbaijan.

O.Kuznetsov gave a lecture on the documents confirming Garegin Nizhden’s “czakakron” teaching of Nazism and even racist character, mentioning the analytical notes compiled in 1933  by Armenak Abulyan, the chairman of the State Political Department of the Armenian SSR, 1st class state security commissioner.

After the lecture the Russian scientist answered the questions of participants of the event.

On the same day O.Kuznetsov, who visited Terter region, got acquainted with the monument “Maragha 150”, which proves the transfer of Armenians to the Garabagh region. The monument was built by Armenians themselves in 1978 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of relocation of Armenians from Iran Maragha region from to Garabagh. At the end of the 20th century, when the Armenian territorial claims against Azerbaijan began, the aggressors deliberately dispersed the “Maragha-150” monument to lose the undeniable historical fact. Taking into account the historical and political significance of the monument, it was restored by the order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic. Historical documents, information and photographs of the “Maragha-150” monument confirming the Armenian’s relocation to Garabagh were collected and archived in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages.

O.Kuznetsov attended the meeting held in the administrative building of the Terter regional organization of the New Azerbaijan Party. Elvin Umudov, Head of the Department of Social, Political and Humanitarian Affairs of the District Executive Power, opened the meeting with participated by government official, Russian language teachers from secondary schools, youth and intellectuals and spoke about the work done by the political scientist in promoting the Garabagh truths in Russia.

The Russian scientist pointed out with the facts that during every stage of history Armenians implemented Nazism ideology against Azerbaijanis and other nations. The guest also got acquainted with Garabagh Regional Knowledge House.

On October 15, the Russian scientist met with students and teachers at the Sumgait State University.

Professor Ramazan Mammadov, Vice-rector of Science and Innovations, Ramiz Huseynov, Vice-rector for Humanitarian Affairs, Knowledge Foundation employee Almaz Akhundova, university professor-teaching staff attended the event, co-organized by the Knowledge Foundation and Sumgait City Executive Power.

The Vice-rector talked about the history of the Azerbaijani-Russian friendship and the necessity of bringing the truth about the crimes of the Armenian terrorism against our people, form the scientific, economic, political and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

Russian scientist O.Kuznetsov expressed his satisfaction with his visit to Sumgait State University and said that the purpose of such meetings is to open up the essence of Armenian vandalism, occupation policy.

According to O.Kuznetsov, archival materials taken from the Secretariat of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan showed that there are documents confirming the existence of Nazism ideology in the Soviet state security bodies in Armenia.

Armenian nationalism and its carrier “Dashnaksutun” party were accepted as an ideological enemy by the USSR state security agencies until mid-1930s. At that time, dashnaks were kedpt under control, and even more active members were exiled.

On the same day O.Kuznetsov held a meeting with local community representatives in the Heydar Aliyev Center in Sumgait city. Deputy Head of Sumgait City Executive Power Social-Political and Humanitarian Issues Department Farman Kazimov informed the participants about the essence of the topic.O.Kuznetsov delivered a lecture on “The ideological connection between the Armenian nationalism and the German Nazi”.

A wide discussion was held around the questions that followed the lecture.

Press service of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Tarix: 16.10.2018

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