Akif Mammadli: Early Christian era Albanian temples are our national identity

Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) organized a lecture on “Albanian monuments of Sheki-Balakan region” at Sheki Regional Science Center (SRC).

Head of SRC Yusif Shukurlu said at the event that along with the scientific workers of the center, the teachers and students of the Sheki branch of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (ASPU) and the district intellectuals participated in the event.

PhD in History Akif Mammadli gave detailed information on the place, role, political geography, history and cultural traces of Albania in the history of Azerbaijan’s statehood. It was stressed that the Albanian Christianity in the South Caucasus 270 years ago was accepted by Armenians and Georgians. Historian scientist gave information about more than 100 Albanian temples of early Christianity in the north- western region of Kish and Azerbaijan, a vivid witness of the Apostolic church. Mammadli said: “These monuments are our national identity. Do not constantly study and preach to them, it is important for today’s and future generations.” A. Mammadli noted that “the historical monuments of the north- western region of Azerbaijan”, which he wrote, investigated the Albanian temples in this scientific work. Many neighboring states, researchers have occasionally pointed to the fact that their allegations of taking off Albanian temples in modern Azerbaijan are unfounded.

Professor Farudin Ibrahimov, Head of the Department of Humanities at Shaki Branch of ASPU, Associate Professor Vusal Bakhishov, Associate Professor Habibullah Manafli, Head of SRC Department of Historical Heritage and Ethnography Rahim Hasanov and others wrote historical works based on scientific evidence, they emphasized the importance of opening tourist routes to monuments, as well as the presence of monuments in our regions.

Tarix: 03.03.2018

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