An event title “Multiculturalism and Religious Freedom in the Republic” was held in Gabala

Roundtable on “Multiculturalism and Religious Freedom in Azerbaijan Republic” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was held at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Gabala on June 21, organized jointly by the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Gabala Region Executive Authority and Albanian-Udi Christian Religious Community.

Speaking at the event, deputy head of the executive power of the region, Ataya Osmanova, said that large-scale idea-political, awareness-raising activities were carried out in the region in connection with the execution of the Order of the Azerbaijan Republic President on declaring 2018 as the “Year of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic”. Saying that the roundtable is devoted to an interesting subject, A. Osmanova added that the representatives of the community will actively participate in the exchange of views.

Lectures by- Professor of the Department of Humanities at the Azerbaijan State Economic University Mahabbat Pashayeva, “Multiculturalism in the Parliament of Republic”, Chairman of the Albanian-Udi Christian Community Robert Mobilin, “Freedom of Religion and Religious views in Republic period”, representatives of the Knowledge Foundation in Gabala region, Director of City Secondary School No.2 Tarana Salimova the lectures on “Multicultural View of Modern Gabala” were delivered. Then, with the participation of district intellectuals, a wide exchange of views was held.

It was noted that in the 23 months work period of the People’s Republic of Azerbaijan Government, the Minister of Religious Affairs, then the Ministers of Education and Religious Affairs were operating. Parliament repeatedly discussed religion, nations, and many civilized decisions took place, and efforts were made to establish an open relationship with all states. The diplomatic representatives of the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Iran, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Greece, Denmark and other countries were opened in Baku. Regardless of their religious affiliation, Parliament was given the opportunity to represent the majority of the peoples living in the country- Armenians, Georgians, Poles and Jews, and have a deputy seat. Although the Azerbaijan Republic proclaimed Azerbaijani as a state language that was known as Turkish, by the Decree of 27 June 1918, the state authorities were permitted to process the Russian language for a certain period of time. Representatives of other nationalities in the Russian language in parliament also considered acceptable.

The speeches also highlighted the fact that modern Azerbaijan is a model of multiculturalism, tolerance in the world. Gabala is an example of this. It is reported that Christian Udis living in the world with the Muslim Azerbaijanis, their only place where they maintain their religious beliefs are in Gabala. Then the lecturers answered the participants’ questions.

Haji Abdullah, Head of the Knowledge Foundation Internal Projects Sector, recalled that close cooperation was established with the Gabala Region Executive Authority and the Albanian-Udi Christian Religious Community, memorable educational activities, and the Azerbaijani language course for young Udis people in Nij village.

Lala Aghayeva, Ayshe Karimli and Ayshen Gurbanova, the winners of the republican knowledge contest “Our Republic is our history- our pride”, which was organized by the Knowledge Foundation, were awarded certificates.

Tarix: 21.06.2018

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