Knowledge Foundation celebrated Knowledge Day in regions

Shamakhi and Gobustan schools signed agreement on brotherhood.

On September 15, Knowledge Day was celebrated with a remarkable event at Sabir settlement and Gobustan city No.3 secondary schools.

The next participants of the Knowledge Foundation’s “Brother Schools” project were these two educational institutions.

At the event, teachers and pupils of both schools attended the lecture on the topic of “Our Republic’s history is our pride”.

Then a film about the project “Brother Schools” was demonstrated. The agreement on brotherhood was signed by 8th grade student of Gobustan secondary school Zahra Rasullu and Shamakhi secondary school 11th grade student Simran Adigozalov. School principals confirmed their signatures with a seal.

Burkay Evrim Yilmaz, a student of Heydar Aliyev Lyceum in Ankara, Turkey, who signed the first international brotherhood agreement of the Knowledge Foundation, with the participation of Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, congratulated the 100th anniversary of the salvation of Baku and the ancient Shirvan lands from the Bolshevik-Dashnak occupation by the Caucasian Islamic Army, and conveyed lyceum staff’s best wishes and regards to his peers.

Both pupils performed a musical-literary program on the occasion of Knowledge Day. Students were presented books on behalf of the Knowledge Foundation.

Astara Knowledge House brings together young artists.

Astara Knowledge House celebrated Knowledge Day with young artists. An exhibition of handmade items dedicated to this remarkable day was opened in Astara Knowledge House on September 15.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Yasemen Rasulova, the head of the Astara Knowledge House, congratulated the participants on the Knowledge Day and praised their activeness. Y.Rasulova expressed hope that the members of the association will start professional activity in the future and wished them every success.

Then the exhibition was held. In paintings with pencil and watercolor, young brush masters tried to express their enthusiasm for learning and knowledge.

Lecture in Balakan.

The event was organized by the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the participation of teachers and pupils at the Balakan Humanitarian and Technical Biased Lyceum, the event titled “Our Republic’s history is our pride”.

Speaking at the event, Dr.Alif Mammadli, Doctor of History, PhD. in history, spoke about the history of our Republic and emphasized the 100th anniversary of Baku liberation on September 15, 1918, as well as the special role of the Caucasian Islamic Army led by Nuru Pasha in creating this history. It was stated that the Caucasian Islamic Army showed great support in the liberation of Baku, and hundreds of Turkish soldiers fighting in it reached the peak of martyrdom.

The lecturer answered the participants’ questions.

A lecture in Shamkir.

The lecture on the occasion of the Knowledge Day was organized by the Knowledge Foundation at Shamkir city No.4 secondary school named after A.Javad. Employee of Shamkir Knowledge House Hijran Aliyeva delivered a lecture on “Our Republic’s history if our pride”.

The lecturer said that modern Azerbaijan is a worthy successor of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, talking about the establishment of the first democratic state in the East and the Muslim world, its statehood principles.

Then Lala Hajiyeva, the history teacher of the school, said that the 23months unfinished work of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic completed by the national leader Heydar Aliyev, the founder and architect of modern Azerbaijan, and today our country is moving towards these bright and successful tomorrow.

An event dedicated to our Republic history in Lankaran.

At the event held by the Knowledge Foundation at the Lankaran Region Jil village secondary school, Head of the Department for Work with Religious Associations Gagayi Mammadov, employee of the department Emin Hamidli, principal of Jil village secondary school Aghamoghlan Habibiv, teachers and lyceum pupils took part in the event organized by the Knowledge Foundation at the secondary school of Lankaran region Jil village.

Aghamoghlan Habibov said in his speech that, “May 28, 1918” was written with golden letters in Azerbaijan statehood history.

Gagayi Mammadov gave a detailed report on the 23month period of the People’s Republic, the first democratic and secular state in the Turkic-Islamic world, in his report entitled “Our Republic’s history is our pride”.

In Aghdam.

At the event held at the Evoghlu village secondary school located on the frontline of the Aghdam region, senior students were informed about the role of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in the history of our statehood. Tahir Aghamammadov, a reporter at the Azerbaijan State News Agency, talked about the socio-political situation in the early centuries, the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the events that took place and the reasons for the collapse. It was noted that the activities carried out by the People’s Republic within a short period of time left a deep mark in the history of our people. The government of the republic honored its mission in difficult historical conditions, the first parliament and government, the state apparatus, the national army of Azerbaijan, state attributes- flag, anthem and coat of arms were created, native language was declared as a state language, money and postage stamps were released to circulation. The establishment of democratic rights and freedoms, equal rights to all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity and religion, and the steps taken in economy, culture, education and other spheres created a solid foundation for the future independence of Azerbaijan.

The listeners highly appreciated the lecture and expressed gratitude to the organizers.

Press service of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Tarix: 18.09.2018

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