Gakh Knowledge House held a meeting with retired teachers

The Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan together with Gakh Knowledge House hosted a meeting at the school-lyceum complex No.2, with a group of advanced education staff, retired teachers and principals of schools differing in education level.

Opening the event, the principal of Gakh city school No.2 Shakar Abdullayev opened the meeting. He talked about state attention paid to the education and honored profession carriers.

Director of Knowledge House, Principal of village secondary school Rovshan Hadisov gave detailed information about the programs and projects of the Knowledge Foundation. He noted that, along with training of vocational secrets to the listeners in the training houses and associations of different regions, the national and moral values are being widely disseminated, meetings with young people and intelligentsia are organized, patriotic spirit is shown, excursions are organized. R.Hadisov said that taking advantage of the potential of senior intelligentsia, especially retired teachers, of work and life experience in the education of young people, will give impetus to our work.

Retired teachers who have devoted their lives to training, development, and education of our young generation are well-educated professionals, and are ready to cooperate with the Knowledge House to form a healthy future.

Finally, the participants exchanged views on the efficient organization of the enlightenment work and listened to the advice of older teachers.

Press Service of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Tarix: 11.12.2018

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