The Armenian - Gregorian church destroyed and looted Albanian heritage during the XIX century interview with Dr. of Historical Sciences Hajar Verdiyeva.

-One of the most talked historical topics of recent years is the decree of Emperor Nicholas I on March 11, 1836. What could you say about this document?

-The main contours of the Romanov Russian colonial policy in the Caucasus mega region consisted of “dilution” of the Muslim ethnic and religious formation and education base for establishment its political domination in this region. To this end, the Russian Empire deliberately propagated Christianity, based on the Orthodox Church. Watching the unfolding processes in the region, Bishop of the Armenian Gregorian Church Joseph Argutinsky acting algorithms “Armenian question”, presented to Emperor Paul the liturgy and was able to convince his masterful and subsequent Russian rulers “of the Armenian fairy tale”, allegedly the Armenian Gregorian church congregation prayed for the Orthodox Emperor and august House.

Believing in Argutinsky “legend”, Russian Armenians perceived the religiously homogeneous, close to Orthodoxy. And thus, fortune smiled Armenians, as well as in the period of the Caliphate. Romanov Russia in its religious policy has shown a favorable attitude to the Armenian Gregorian Church, perceiving it as related, whereas the activities of the Albanian Apostolic Church did not meet the policies of the Christianization of the empire, because it was not Orthodox, and the Albanian Apostolic Church was transferred to Armenian Gregorian church control.

-However, as the media and the scientific community indicate that the Albanian Apostolic Church was abolished by this decree?

-By Decree in 1836 Albanian Apostolic Church wasn’t eliminated, it was subordinated to the Armenian Gregorian Church. According to world church canons, any church, including the Eastern Church, only the Church can eliminate. Nicholas I, informed the fundamental principles of the apostolic canons, made a bet on the “Armenian card” and gave the Albanian Apostolic Church in control of the Armenian Gregorian Church. Thus, to create conditions for realization of the claims of the church on the legacy of the Albanian Apostolic Church.

-Whether there was any relation of Russian Armenian lobby to the signing of the decree?

-if we carefully trace the socio-political processes in the prehistoric period of publication of this decree, the answer is yes. Progress mass resettlement of Armenians from Gadjar Iran clearly showed that this was a social process unfolded on the specified “scenario” of the Armenian lobby of the Russian Empire, in which the role of “first violin” was intended to Archbishop N.Ashtaraketi.

It should be noted that he made every effort to ensure that the “Armenian question”, coined in damp walls of the Armenian Gregorian Church, entered a new phase- mass settlement of Armenians sputtered in the historical lands of Azerbaijan.

And acting on algorithms of the “Armenian issue”, the church not only had to conduct this “chapel”, it had to subdue the territory, ancestral lands of Azerbaijan, which were inhabited by wandering Armenians to its management. And then in the long term, promoting the “Armenian problem” into a new phase, to justify their groundless territorial claims on Azerbaijani lands.

-Then another logical question arises. The Armenian- Gregorian church could influence the Caucasian policy of Nicholas I?

-Not giving up the Caucasian policy of Peter I, “the Armenian question” was Russia’s trump card in the political combinations of the empire, the contours of which at certain stages of history were in unison. All these details have led to the indirect effects of the Armenian Gregorian Church in the Caucasus policy of the Russian Empire.

The question is addressed in its certificate, presented to the Holy Synod in 1907, the prosecutor of the Echmiadzin Synod A.Frenkel, stressed that the favorable attitude of Russia to the Armenian myth gave rise to a number of concessions, “which served as a precedent for future harassment of the Armenian Catholicos to the creation of their flock the exceptional situation which is regulated by 1836 law.”

And this fact clearly shows that the Albanian Apostolic Church was transferred to the management of the Armenian Gregorian Church on “Armenian motives”. Operating with this decree, the Armenian- Gregorian church during the XIX century purposefully destroyed and robbed the Albanian heritage, an integral history of Azerbaijan, setting the stage for his unjustified territorial claims against Azerbaijan in the subsequent phases of the “Armenian question”.

We have an excerpt reference prosecutor Echmiadzin Synod A.Frenkelya that is undeniable proof that the Armenian Gregorian church in the early XX century, inventing the Nagorno Karabakh problem, purposefully spent Albanian culture assignment policy, which is part of Azerbaijan material culture heritage after the Turkmenchay agreement.

This information was compiled by the prosecutor Echmiadzin Synod A.Frenkelem based on serious study of the “Armenian issue”, where it was noted in the centuries- old slavery Genocide, which gave rise to them, “greed, intrigue, perjury, venality” and all this has become the matrix of their crazy ideas about “Great Armenia”. I think this document will interest a wide audience of readers.


Tarix: 27.02.2017

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