International conference on the topic “Haydar Aliyev-Youth-Multiculturalism” started in Augsburg

On May 10, a two-day international and practical conference on the theme “Haydar Aliyev-Youth-Multiculturalism” dedicated to the birthday of Great leader Haydar Aliyev started its work in Augsburg, Germany, at the Augsburg University, on the initiative of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan and with the joint organizational support of the Baku International Multiculturalism Center (BIMC).

The conference, held on the basis of the idea of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan, started with the photo exhibition “Haydar Aliyev and the Youth” in the exhibition hall “Logen Hauss”. In the presentation of the co-chairman of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan- the research associate of the Pedagogical University of Lithuania Salomei Lukatei and the student of the University of Athens Dimitrios Asproulis- memorable photos depicting the life of the Great Leader were demonstrated.

Head of the Department of German Studies at the University of Augsburg, Professor Alfred Wildfoer, in his speech, revealed the purpose of the conference: “The main goal of this conference is the expression of sympathy for Haydar Aliyev at the international level, which gave Azerbaijan’s multiculturalism the highest political assessment and raised it to the legal plane, at the same time, which is a real friend and reliable support of youth. Also, there is wider propaganda and promotion of the ideas of multiculturalism and tolerance, contributing to the establishment of peace throughout the world directly through the members of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan living in Europe, Asia and America.

Academician Kamal Abdullayev, the State Advisor of the Republic of Azerbaijan on interracial, multicultural and religious issues, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the BIMC, expressed gratitude to the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan and the University of Augsburg for their efforts in organizing the international conference and expressing satisfaction that sees young people, who loves our country together again, said: “We have met several times with some of you in Azerbaijan. You have a clear idea of state policy, multicultural traditions and a tolerant atmosphere in Azerbaijan. Today the academic subject “Azerbaijan Multiculturalism” is taught in about 20 universities of the world, one of which is the University of Augsburg. Your meeting in the ancient city, considered one of the centers of multiculturalism in the world, seeking peace and harmony between confessions, is of great importance for Azerbaijan. Because, the multiculturalism of Azerbaijan can’t be limited only with the propaganda of oneself, that’s why we together with you should study the world centers of multiculturalism, you must know the assessment of the people that they attach to multiculturalism and their work along the way. If today Azerbaijan is well known in the world as one of the centers of multiculturalism, it is also connected with the fact that we are well acquainted with Augsburg. The President of Azerbaijan declared 2016 in our country the “Year of Multiculturalism” and today this line is implemented as a state policy. The announcement of 2017 in Azerbaijan in accordance with the next Presidential Decree “The Year of Islamic Solidarity” is a logical continuation of Azerbaijani multiculturalism. The concept of Islamic solidarity contains both intra-Islamic solidarity and harmony between Islam and other faith. This harmony should be found and implemented by young people. In this sense, the youth gathered here from all over the world and representing our country are followers of Azerbaijani multiculturalism. We must give a new breath to the world. This is kindness, mercy, love and respect for another. In Azerbaijan, the basis of multicultural harmony was laid by the great leader Haydar Aliyev. His ideas related to youth and multiculturalism are developing today and are considered to be ideas that have their future. The symbolic meaning of our meeting here on May 10, is also for the birthday of the Great Leader. We express our gratitude to all our friends who are involved in the organization of the conference, for the fact that with such a wonderful initiative and with such deep respect they honor his memory. If your want to know Azerbaijan as a whole, it is impossible without addressing this great person, his glorious and meaningful way of life. I think that with the organization of this conference we are in the right track in the process of learning about Azerbaijan. We, propagandizing Azerbaijan in Augsburg, also propagandize Augsburg in Azerbaijan. I wish you all success in this way. At this conference you will find interesting meetings, presentations, scientific reports on history and literature. I believe that after this conference you will leave Augsburg with unforgettable impressions.”

Professor of Augsburg University Klaus Wolf, described the conference in the federal district with a rich experience in the field of peaceful coexistence of various cultures, religions and ethnic as a significant event.

Salome noted that 6 students from the ADA University, the Baku State University, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Baku Islamic University, the Azerbaijan State Economic University, the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, students from 17 universities of foreign countries, including Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Indonesia, Estonia, Israel, the USA, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Germany, Georgia, Switzerland, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Ethiopia. Dozens of members of the Young Friends Club of Azerbaijan came together to share their thoughts and impressions about the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism, the atmosphere of tolerance in the country and successful state policy in this direction. This conference is a vivid embodiment of another moral union of Azerbaijan young friends living in different countries of the world”.

Azerbaijani ambassador to Germany, Ramin Hasanov stressed that the modern state, the establishment of political stability and the initiation of economic development in our country is connected with the name of great leader Haydar Aliyev. Ramin Hasanov brought to the attention of the audience that the policy of multiculturalism, the basis of which was laid by Haydar Aliyev and which is currently successfully continues by President Ilham Aliyev, promotes the recognition of Azerbaijan throughout the world as one of the centers of multiculturalism.

After the opening speeches began work meeting of the section on “Haydar Aliyev and Azerbaijani multiculturalism”. At a meeting moderated by the head of the Department of International Regional Studies of the Ural Federal University, the director of the Yekaterinburg branch of the BIMC, Professor Alexander Nesterov and Dimitrios Asproulis, Seymur Orujov- the associative professor of the State Economic University, the chairman of the Youth Union of the New Azerbaijan Party presented his report on the topic “Haydar Aliyev and Azerbaijani youth”. The report emphasized that the attention and concern for the young generation, which is one of the main directions of the multifaceted activities of the great leader Haydar Aliyev, are now at a high level, their active participation in the socio-political life of the republic is ensured, special importance in the development of statehood is attached to young people, favorable conditions are created for the formation of representatives of the younger generation as a true citizen.

The head of the Dresden branch of the BIMC Birgit Weisberger reported on the activities of the structure he leads. Ms. Birgit Weisberger said that the first official branch of the BIMC started its activities in Dresden. “The activities of the Dresden branch of the Baku International Center for Multiculturalism are very important form the point of view of integration through the multiculturalism of the truth about Azerbaijan to Europe, in this case to the German public.”

Gunduz Ismayilov, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organization, in his speech in the topic “Haydar Aliyev and Tolerance” stressed that the Great Leader considered the policy of multiculturalism and tolerance as an integral part of the country’s democratic development and protection of the cultural and religious values of ethnic minorities living in Azerbaijan, considered in the context of human rights and freedoms, which are an important principle of democracy: “Historically in Azerbaijan, the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews, were always living in peace and tranquility, with respect for the religious convictions of each other. Haydar Aliyev always had careful attitude towards non-Islamic religious communities living in Azerbaijan, congratulated them on religious holidays, with respect for their customs and traditions.”

The report on the topic “Azerbaijan Multiculturalism in Augsburg” of the student of Augsburg University Silke Gogg was met with great interest. The German student noted that the experience of Azerbaijan helps them to realize the internal ideological processes taking place in such a poly ethic environment as Azerbaijan even deeper.

Professor Alexander Nesterov on the topic “Political Origins of Azerbaijani Multiculturalism in the 18th Century”, Director of the Azerbaijan National Library Kerim Tairov on the theme “Haydar Aliyev and the values of multiculturalism”, students of the Tallinn Lyceum “Linnamae Russian”, and Irina Kovzanovich on the topic “President Ilham Aliyev and Azerbaijani Multiculturalism” presented their reports at the meeting.

Speech by the head of the Israeli branch of BIMC, well-known political scientist Arie Gut on “Azerbaijan as a model of tolerance and multiculturalism” was met with great interest by the participants of the conference.

After the speeches, the panel continued its work with discussions.

In the afternoon the conference continues its work at the section “Presentation of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan”.

At the presentation, moderated by the member of the Board of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan, political analyst Peter Teis, who arrived at the conference from the United States, and student of the Lusophone University of Portugal Joao Mestre, co- chairman Salomei Lukatei and Dimitrios Asproulis spoke about the history of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan, its work during the year, upcoming tasks and its prospects: “The Young Friends Club of Azerbaijan was founded in the summer of 2016 as part of the project of the III International School of Multiculturalism under the title “Multiculturalism as a way of life in Azerbaijan: National and religious values’, held by the joint organizational support of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and BIMC, with the participation of more than 50 students from 16 countries. The members of the Association are foreign students and representatives of the intelligentsia, who have become friends of our country due to the Azerbaijani multiculturalism. The union, gathering around those who love Azerbaijan, expands its scope day by day. Association members contribute to the promotion of Azerbaijani multiculturalism culture and history of Azerbaijan, support the right way and bringing the realities of Azerbaijan to the international community, carry out various activities. The Azerbaijani people and the state deserve respect for treating various ethnic and religious differences existing in the Azerbaijan territory for centuries with love, care and mercy. Azerbaijan has multicultural values and a unique multiculturalism model. Realizing this conference, we -young friends of Azerbaijan, once again express our gratitude to friendly Azerbaijan people and government.”

Following reports were presented at the conference: student of the Ural Federation University Maria Dziaani on the theme “The Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan- a new stage of communication with the youth of the world”, a student of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy Tokai Akhmedov on “What the Islamic Games Give to Azerbaijan”, the student of the Ariel University of Israel Maayan Eliovson on “Why I became a member of the Club of young friend of Azerbaijan”, the student of the Baku Islamic University Ramil Ibrahimov on “Year of Islamic solidarity” as a logical continuation of the “Year of Multiculturalism”, by an independent expert from Italy Claudia Pasquali on the “ website as a new platform for communication”, student of the University of Wroclaw in Poland Agata Tarasevich on the topic “Activities and perspectives of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan in Poland”.

After the discussions, a meeting was held with representatives of religious communities in the city of Augsburg, a synagogue, the church of Saint Anna and the Moslem Mosque of Bobingen.

Tomorrow the conference will continue its work.

Tarix: 10.05.2017

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