Let our independence be eternal!

The Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan congratulates our people on the Day of National Salvation! Let our independence be eternal!

In October 1991, Azerbaijan gained independence. However the first years of independence were accompanied by incompetence of political power. The aggression from Armenia further exacerbated the situation in the republic.

Haydar Aliyev, chairman of the Supreme Mejlis of the Autonomous Republic of Naxchivan, who showed self-sacrifice on the way to the rescue of this region in 1991-1993, returned to power in this difficult time for the homeland.  On June 15, 1993 Haydar Aliyev was elected chairman of the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan Republic. Thus, on June 15 it entered the history of Azerbaijan as the Day of National Salvation!

Tarix: 15.06.2018

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