Azerbaijan - an example of tolerance

The event on “Azerbaijan-an example of tolerance” was held at the Cultural and Educational Relations Center of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Executive Director of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Oktay Samadov, the Executive Director of the International Center of Multiculturalism Azad Mammadov, scientist-orientalist, the dean of the faculty of theology of the Baku State University, academician V. Mammadaliyev, the instructors and listeners of the Arabic language courses organized by the Center and the Foundation, the staff of the Knowledge Foundation and the members of Volunteers’ Association attended the event.

Chairman of the Center of Cultural and Educational Affairs Ahmad Sami Elaydi welcomed the participants, he spoke about warm and friendly attitude he faced and the tolerant atmosphere which he witnessed during his stay in Azerbaijan. He said that, as a country located at the crossroads of different cultures for centuries, Azerbaijan has demonstrated its commitment to the multicultural traditions.

Speaking about the activities held by Knowledge Foundation in various regions of the country on the eve of the International Day for Tolerance, the Executive Director Oktay Samadov also pointed out that our tolerance is our country’s ideological, national and public security. The lecturer also marked that it’s ingrained in the genetic memory of the Azerbaijani people. Academician Vasif Mammadaliyev said: ”The representatives of all religions spread around the world live in Azerbaijan and each of them is treated with respect. Azerbaijan people always love their neighbors, respect other nations and the people from other religions. The international community also admits that Azerbaijan is an example of multicultural traditions. The Executive Director of the Center of Multiculturalism Azad Mammadov regarded the traditions of tolerance as the main stronghold of national ideology. He said that religious, national, racial tolerance is a big achievement for Azerbaijan, which is at the crossroads of civilizations.

Historically tolerant attitude was displayed to the representatives of all nations living in Azerbaijan, where multiculturalism is one of the main political priorities.

Speaking on behalf of the youth, Gulnar Khalilova mentioned about her peers’ duties on promoting Azerbaijan’s model of multiculturalism, preservation of tolerance and passing it to the future generations.

Participants of the event watched the documentary film called “Azerbaijan-an example of tolerance”. 

Tarix: 15.11.2016

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